Household Surveys

In this pool you can have access to more than 6 million private addresses. All addresses have comprehensive information regarding consumer behaviour.  These addresses are distributed according to the following consumption and lifestyle areas:

  • Vacation and travel
  • Hobbies /Leisure/Sports
  • Motor vehicle/Automobile
  • Health care
  • Money, investment, insurance
  • House and home
  • Shopping
  • Mail order affinity 
  • Socio-demographics

All data contain exact information regarding:

  • Existing consumer behaviour
  • Planned consumer behaviour

Your own household survey

You can’t find enough private addresses for your product?

We will gladly give you support in generating new addresses.  One possibility is the addition of your personal questions in the household questionnaire.

We will advise you in selecting appropriate questions for your target group.
Let us know what you want.
We will provide you with an offer.

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