Listbroking  means that a broker (agent/middleman), e.g., Riek, direkt Marketing rents and hires external addresses from so-called list generators according to customer´s request.  Addresses from these list generators can only be rented.

Such addresses can be private or commercial.  So you can reach promising new customers who react to printed advertising and order by mail.

Your advantage:
This clientele allows concrete conclusions on its consumer behaviour.

  • Which products were bought?
  • When was the last purchase made?
  • What was the value of goods ordered?
  • How often was a purchase made?

If these addresses can be connected with such socio-demographic data like age or gender, a concrete customer profile will result.

  • We will provide you with a specific list for your target group.
  • Leave the research to us. We know the qualities and quantities in the direct marketing data bases of each enterprise..
  • We will advise you in the correct selection of a list and will assist you with our competence and experience in developing a campaign strategy.
  • We will use your results to carry out a success analysis.
  • Ask us for quantities and prices.

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