Address/Database Check

Before you clean or enrich your customer database or mail addresses (including external addresses if applicable) we can offer you an automatic check of your database.  The test protocol gives you an overview and a statistic for data quality, expected hit rate as well as potential advantages of the possible data cleaning and supplementation.

Free address data check

This is a special offer from Riek direkt Marketing.  Your addresses will pass through various levels of address data checks:

1.  Checking name/salutation

Your addresses will be checked for the appropriate salutation (gender code) as well as the correct name splitting. In this analysis you can see how many companies there are, whether the recipient is male or female and if the salutation (including title) has been generated correctly.

2. Checking the postal address
The addresses are checked for spelling (e.g. street), allocation of the postal code to the correct street, etc.

3. Check to see if addressee has relocated or is deceased.
The addresses are checked against the relocated and deceased data file from the German postal service, so that you can see how many relocated or deceased there are.  Additionally, you will receive information regarding the distribution of those relocated after expiration of forwarding request, as this is normally valid for only 6 months.  All data is saved for 24 months and irreversibly erased thereafter.  In the records you can see the age of the relocation data that has been found in your files.

4.  Telephone-number supplementation
This check will show if, and in what quantities, your addresses must be supplemented with telephone numbers.

5.  Checking for duplicates
The number of duplicate addresses will be checked here.

6. Robinson check
Check with DDV (Deutscher Direkmarketing Verband) -address file for consumers that do not want any personalised advertising material.

7. Credit and solvency check

Check with negative and barred files that are flagged for high credit risk and mailing- irrelevant addresses.

At the end of the address data checks, you will receive a statistic precisely indicating how many of your addresses can be qualified through this process.  You will then receive an individual offer for this qualification.

All data made available to you are processed according to the German data protection laws (BSDG).

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