How high is the quality of your addresses?

Yearly change of addresses in Germany

The optimal cleaning and processing of address data are requirements for the successful use of your addresses.

Already in the run up to your campaign, we can help you decreasing the quantity of returns as well as increasing customer satisfaction. The measures for a hiqh-quality and efficiency mailing campaign are:

  • correct address spelling
  •  elimination of addresses unsuitable for advertising
  • filtering out of entries in the Robinson list

Of course we will update and care for your business addresses, e.g. through enhancement with sector-code, German guide number, number of employees, telephone number, fax number, or contact person.

With these benefits you can:

  • Recognize high-risk addresses.
  • Correct incorrect addresses.
  • Correct incorrect spelling.
  • Avoid duplicates.
  • Identify addresses unsuitable for advertising.
  • Receive additional information about your customers.

Our four stage check procedure for existing and cleansed stock of address data:

  1. Address/Database Check.
  2. Address/Database Cleaning.
  3. Address/Database Cleaning and enrichment
  4. Address/Database continuous care and monitoring


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