E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is one of the most effective dialogue instruments.  You will reach your target group quickly, cost effectively and individually.

The sending of your stand-alone E-Mails to your desired target group will be carried out by the address owner.

The target groups for stand-alone E-Mails can be selected according to numerous criteria.  Stand-alones are the electronic counterpart to traditional direct mailings.

You have the possibility of integrating coupons in your advertising message.  This will generate an above average response rate.

All E-Mail-addresses from Riek, direkt Marketing for stand-alone E-Mail are permission based, i.e. they depend on the recipient’s agreement.  This is obtained by the list owner in opt-in-processes.

  • Stand-alone E-Mail:

Advertise your product or service with your own targeted E-Mail campaign.

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